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My first real design job was in a small print shop in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. A college job I worked in the afternoons. I learned how to layout a page for print using galleys of text, rubylith, zip-a-tone, wax rollers and stock line and grey-scale art. On occasions I was asked to create line illustrations for custom projects.

Back then we used stat cameras, plate makers and old two-color AB Dick presses, and tried not to cut our fingers off in the hydraulic paper cutter.

Good times.

Below is a very, very small sampling of three decades of print work.

Practical Print Particulars


In the roughly 8 years when I co-owned a small boutique design firm when often received requests to “clean-up” after a previous designer or design agency. The request was pretty consistent, “Can you make this cleaner in appearence and easy for our customers to understand.”

The answer was always yes and the execution was always appreciated.

For UNI-SOLAR there was the request to create and carry a new bold and clean design across their core marketing materials (roughly a half dozen fliers and brochures) and various banners and posters. A sampling of these is shown below and to the left.

Zeebabee – Baby Apparel

Though a small project for a small startup, I always enjoyed the client and the designs I created for them. Definitely not my usual color pallete or design style, but the product and the client needed me to design for her and not for me. I still smile when I see the logo we came up with (every good logo is collaborative with the client – it’s their baby, pun intended).

So we talked over coffee, at length, and then I put her feelings into a visual representation so others could see the joy she felt as she created her products for the most fragile and wonderful of clientele.


Founded in 1939 this global giant in the plastic injection industry brought me in to overhaul the look and feel of the brand. The number of print pieces we redeveloped was vast, but the number of new catalogs, magazine back covers. ads and marketing support literature we created was amazing. Cheers to an amazing team.

DME Magazine Back Covers

DME Magazine Back Covers

Early DME back cover ads demonstrate how to fit too much content into a layout. Sometimes you make it work because that’s the request.

Sentec Automation®

Though the majority of work I did for Sentec Automation (amazing crew) was online (website, email campaigns, fun product info videos) I did get a chance to carry the brand through various print literature including press releases, product brochures and their general corporate brochure.

2023 MMI French-Specialty Doors
MMI Door – A Division of JELD-WEN®

A division of JELD-WEN Windows and Doors, MMI handles producing doors for lumberyards and homecenter (Home Depot, Lowes, etc.) throughout the midwest. I was hired to oversee, maintain and drive the visual elements of the brand across a diversity of media and marketing avenues. As a B2B catalog company, much of the print work was targeted at informing customers of new product and supplying content that they could distribute to their clients.

A sample of the catalog work, a couple dozen promo fliers and brochures and other print materials are shown to left and below.

MMI Print Projects

ABS® Building Supply – A Division of JELD-WEN®
ABS Building Supply logo

Also division of JELD-WEN Windows and Doors, ABS handles producing and distributing doors for lumberyards and homecenter (Home Depot, Lowes, etc.) throughout the North American West ans South West. I was hired to oversee, evolve and revitalize the visual elements of the brand across all aspects of media and marketing tactics. The goal I was given on day one was to visually evolve the brand and the looks & feel of all of the companies brands, marketing literature, product literature, web presence and basically everything I could find.

This was a daunting task, even with such an amazing team that existed during my tenure, but I moved on before it was 100% completed.

ABS Door Marketing Literature

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