The class I wish would have been offered when I was at college – PACKAGE DESIGN.

It would have been nice to have walked out into the design world with a little prior knowledge of how to setup designs on a surface that is printed, perforated, cut, scored, glued and folded. I learned the hard way, but boy did I learn a lot. Package design is an amazing segment of the design world, and it’s highly under valued (like teachers).

Each time I hear someone comment on the lack of value of a design degree versus, let say, a law degree; I ask them how convenient shopping at their local grocery store would be without labels, instructions, ingredients and warnings on the products on the shelves. Think of everything you buy that is in a package. It’s all been touched by designers and where would we be without them.

Box It, Bag It, Brand It

Daily Body Restore™

Daily Body Restore is a Health & Wellness company focusing on a proprietary probiotic dietary supplement.

Two different package designs were evolved over the course of a two year span. One targeted an end user that leaned toward purchasing products that touted being “organic” and the other was designed to have a bolder visual shelf prsence that it’s competition.

Various endcaps, free-standing shelf units, and counter top POPs were designed as the product was sold in a variety of locals in the US and Canada.

Freedom Laser Therapy®

Freedom Laser Therapy had several propreitary items that required packaging that maintained brand specifications while still being shelf ready. Some items were items distributed at locations and others were alternative support items avaialble through ecommerce.

Eastman Outdoors®

Eastman Outdoors is, as it’s name implies, and outdoor camping and hunting product manufacturer and supplier. Eastman’s product are on shelves is many of the largest sporting-goods retail locations in North America (Bass Pro, Dunham’s, Dick’s and more).

Eastman’s outdoor cooking product lines had good shelf placement but were not impactful in regard to their competition. The goal was to make the products not only “pop” off the shelves visually, put also make the brand visually control any shelf it was put on.


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