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Think of a company, organization or institutions as a person on a dating website (yes, scary analogy).

On most sites of this nature, the first thing you see is a photo of the person. If it’s a good photo it entices the viewers’ curiosity. If it’s an amazing photo, the viewer may engage eagerly. If it’s a photo that doesn’t really represent the person well, then the viewer may just move one.

Much like that photo, a company’s logo is often the first visual representation of that company to potential clients or partners. It’s makes sense to take the time, make the effort, and make it not just good, but amazing.


GBK Productions™

An amazing client with a charismatic leader full of energy and the desire to execute at the highest level in an industry the requires over-the-top production value, GBK Productions created unique and amazing events that promoted luxury and unique product to celebrities at openings of star studded events like the Oscar’s, Emmy’s, BET Awards, Sundance Film Festival and numerous more. Often supporting charity events as well, GBK made a name for itself as the premier event company in Hollywood for nearly two decades and their logo was everywhere.

Great company, great team, amazing owner (you ROCK Gavin) and they deserved an amazing logo.

Daily Body Restore™

Daily Body Restore is a Health & Wellness company focusing on a proprietary probiotic dietary supplement.

I was brought into revitalize and rethink the brand and wound up designing all of the companies materials. Bright logo in organic colors was quite the attention getter on big-box retail and pharmacy shelves in the United States and Canada.

Freedom Laser Therapy®

Freedom Laser Therapy was started by a nice guy who wanted to bring an internationally popular treatment for smoking addiction to America. It had worked for him and he was eager to share. 

For his new company he wanted a simple logo with a wellness industry feel that could be used on a wide range of marketing material, products and operational elements (uniforms, wall art, mobile chairs, vehicles, building signs, and so much more).


I was awarded The iRestore™ logo project after the success of developing the creative content for the Freedom Laser Therapy line. A product line spun off from the initial company, this product used similar technology but was targeted less to the Health & Wellness industry and more to cosmetic appearance.

Initially launch through online and print ads in publication like Sky Mall, it made great strides after appearing on various TV programs.

Franklin Fastener®

Franklin Fastener engineered clamping solutions is a premier manufacturer offering wire forming, metal stamping, and a variety of other assembly solutions to build standard clamps and custom parts for customers across a vast array of  industries.
They needed a logo that visually  demonstrated their product, while still being proportioned well for web use.

GD Productions™

GD Productions was a startup when I was asked by a colleague (now a dear freind) to develop a logo for her fledgling modeling agency. Feed up with agencies that treated models poorly she decided to start her own. That was two decades ago and she only grown and succeeded.

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