Whether it’s a 10′ x’ 10′ section of floor, 3000 square feet at an exhibition, a store’s window or floor space, what we design needs to be visually and emotionally impactful, and often informative.

Designing to square footage requires more that just a pretty picture. The executionable details can often be complex and challenging… but that’s the fun of it.

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Design For Trade-shows

2023 MMI French-Specialty Doors
Displays 20′ x 20′ & Smaller

Most displays tend to be smaller and are often used by sales and marketing teams for multiple events and functions throughout a calendar year. Though thesse samller displays require less design work that large shows they can sometime be more difficult as the designer needs to convey a message in a smaller physical footprint while still creating maximum visual and informational impact.

NPE 2018 DME Trade-show Display
Large Shows & Multiple Displays

Filling 3000 square feet of convention center floor space is always an exciting challenge, but the complexities are always a Kraken waiting below the surface of the water. It is often said we learn the best when we “learn it the hard way”. There is no better example of this than designing in this arena.

Make it big, make it fresh, make it consistent in brand, rich with information (without being too wordy), and make sure our clients are drawn in and space. Oh, and don’t forget to set up power, WiFi, lighting, a clean ergonomic flow, a demo-station area, videos, animations, and this year we’d like a smoke machine and waterfall (yep, did both, watch for a case study from me in Q2 2024).

Below is one of the larger shows I’ve been ask to “get creative” on. The target was to breath new life into a once major brand (DME-Detroit Mold Engineering)  that had waned at showings for the last two decades. The exhibition location was the 2018 National Plastics Exhibition (NPE) show.

Prior to Show Opening
Day 1 DME at NPE 2019

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